The last couple of days have been real good......
   Although I have worked most of them. Recently it been slower in electronics during the week and really busy upfront on the registers. We have gotten me hires to take the load up their so that sales-floor won't have to be pulled but unfortunately they don't really last long and we are right back in the situation we start in. But otherwise all is good and I just had to take a break form studying for my Cal test tomorrow, which promises to be real fun. After the test I might just lounge outside and enjoy the very beautiful weather that has swept the Ville cause I don't know when stormy weather will start up again seeing that this is spring in Alabama. 

    I went to a small party for my friend Sandy's b-day on Thursday last week. Me and a couple of her co-workers meet up at a little out of the Italian place that serves pretty good food. I might visit again on my own. Other that that, my last couple of days consist of work, study, sleep. LOL I am thinking about going out this weekend to relive all the stress of the test I am taking this week.

I also found Tri-gun Maximum in the bookstore and I had to buy it. I am a fan of the original and I have been wanting to read this on for a long time.
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Just want to see what happens!!
Ask me a question(s) about any of the following (I will answer in the comments):

1. Friends
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6. LiveJournal

No matter how rude, sexual, or confidential. Then post this in your journal and see what questions you get asked.

Doing something I haven't done in a long time......
So yes I am alive as I have commented on everyone's page but have neglected my own, I have decided to post. Ha

Today is so far so good. I got to sleep in today since today is Honor's Day and they the rest of us have a day off. Hurray!! So besides sleeping and being lazy, I got some homework done and now I am doing some laundry before I have to work tonight cause as bad as it sounds, I had nothing to wear. I also cleaned up the pig sty that was my room and got the kitchen in the suite looking like a kitchen again so that took some time. Right now I am watching the Braves beat the Cubs 6-3 in just the top of the second.

It is nice outside today so I am going outside to enjoy with some friends so that I won't be cooped up in here leading to being cooped up at work.

I am also checking out this manga I saw called Wolf-Guy, Wolfen Crest. It is a very good manga. If you like mature manga that has ALOT of graphic sexual content and almost just as graphic violence with a very good storyline, then check it out. I have other manga that I like but I think I will recommend those later.
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  • If you're on my friends list, I want to know 36 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet or long and detailed, all is good.

Got this fromdestroyingangel 

  • Comment here with your answers and repost the questionnaire on your own journal.

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      Sorry for that, I don't get see snow but about twice a year and it looks freaky being that Alabama doesn't get snow often and at the degree we are getting it. Will put up pics later. Also being that its 11*F or about -12*C, that is crazy for me too, I can go out in a Tornado, but snow is a whole nother story. LOL

       Oh, for all the people who know about the National BCS championship (American College Football)

       FUCKING ROLL TIDE- even if I don't even like Alabama and I am an Auburn fan. Now here's to hoping that the Saints and Colts go to the Superbowl and we get a show down of a lifetime.....

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Between studying during this last leg of the semester, and work, I have not posted in a while. (and being extremely lazy ^_^:)

But I am now as free as I can be with the last of my finals, and with that this semester out of the way. All I have now to do is finish shopping for Christmas, work, and be lazy in between. (YAAAAYYYY)

Tonight I am going to the annual late breakfast with some friends, then I will call it a night and celebrate it with seeing ow long I can stay up. LOL.

Had some fun today at work despite the fact that I was not on the floor today.

I went to the back and helped out on the trucks being unloaded this evening. To tell you it was fantastic is an understatement. While I do love helping customers and the such, sometimes being away will make the heart grow fonder.
So while I was looking for some stuff to come in for my dept. on said trucks, I started helping unload it. Before I know it, that truck was done and we were moving on to the second truck, so I helped with that one also.
To be honest, I had heard horror stories about working a truck and I was hesitant to help, but I turned out great, and I would not mind doing it again.
The only draw back to working a truck, let alone two, is the fact that now I am in some pain from all of the lifting, pushing and pulling, and the overall hard work of it.  All I want to do now is soak in a tub and sleep till midday. But alas, I have to be up again in about six hours to work again but I will get off with some daylight so hurray for small pleasures.

What I found funny back there was that every time Paparazzi by Lady Gaga came onto the radio they have back there, one of the workers started dancing.LOL Just made my day.

Now, I find myself kinda addicted to that particular song even though I hate it but think that the video for it is outrageously hilarious.

Today was pretty good.

         Went to class and after that shopped for much needed eats. Our new DM (district manager) visited the store glad I wasn't there , and the store and some of the Asst. Mrgt.'s were running around fixing everything up. Was kinda funny. After this put everything up and I decided to try to find Big Spring Park. It was suppose to be somewhere downtown.
Being the person that I am and having the luck that I always have, I got lost. Well, not really lost, but I did not follow the directions the way that I was suppose to and ended up about a mile or two up a mountain. I took some pics of the mountain but I have it all on my phone and I need to get a new SD card to transfer it to my laptop so.........
          Back to my adventure, I found a hiking trail on the way up the mountain, so I stopped and explored. Peoples, I promise myself that as of the next couple of months, I will never go up that trail again. While fun, it was cool from all the shading of the trees, and kinda dark for the same reason. After walking up the trail for about 30 min or so, I kinda realized that I might not ever end, so I turned back to get my car. I want to go up the trail again during the spring months to tr and find the end of it.
          After getting back to my car, I decided since I had driven that far up, might as well go up all the way. Getting all the way up there, I did not expect to find a neighborhood, but that I did. I went around and explored it a bit and found an awesome view of the surrounding hills and some of the town. (Again, its all stuck on my phone, but I plan to buy an SD card most likely tomorrow). After that, I went back down and got something to eat and now I am chillin in my room.

Later folks gotta eat and wash some clothes cause I have been putting it off all week and I wont have anything to wear soon.

Found these and started watching Ouran HS Host Club again.
I found these two AMV's hilarious and wanted to share.

Combines One of my fav SenKa with one of my fav Anime

Me oh My!
Got this Meme form destroyingangel

Te Rules:
1. If you'd like, comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
2. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!


My first is SID. While I just got into them recently, I find they are a group that I can seriously come to be as obsessive about as I am about Nightmare. This is the Guitarist Shinji and whenever I see a great fic. or something of that nature, I just pull him out to show to friendz.


Surprisingly or not, this is Yuuya, he looks like he got FUCKED UP. LOL Yuuya is the guy that makes all of SID's comments hilarious. I find that he seems to be a likable person. I pull out this Icon just for occasions that someone might need a train run over them. Literally or Figuratively. But all in a good way. LMAO.


Poor kitty. This is Aki, the bassist of SID. He is such a cutie that I found the person that I fangirl over the most of the group. He is posing with a cat even though from what I have heard, he is allergic to them. LOL The cat looks like its wants to run far away. Knowing him he probably got it form Hitsugi.


This man slut right here is called Sakito. He is the lead guitarist and leader-sama of my fav J-Rock group Nightmare. This is an Icon of one of the many lives that the group plays because they are workaholics. While he was not my fav. member of the band at first, he is now up there with the groups Rhythm, Hitsugi. He is very beautiful for a man and I am in fact kind of jealous of his pretty. I swear, what really got me into him, was his fantastic guitar skillz. He is better than most guitarist that I have heard and the songs and compositions that he makes are very melodic and beautiful. I Really Talk TOO MUCH!


This is Ni~ya, the bassist of Nightmare. As with Sakito, I was not to hot with him at first but I am warming up to him day by day. This is from the Naked Love P.V. and I thought all of them looked great in this one. If he would stop with the alcohol poisoning every time we look around, he would be all set. LOL


Last but not least, this is the Main man Hitsugi. This Icon comes from their Believe photoshoot. I use this Icon as more of a representation of getting totally wasted. The first thing that got me into Nightmare was him, well, the numerous piercing that he has in his face. What I really wonder, is that where are the other piercings cause I know that he has them. Oh and I really really want to see that tattoo that he is hiding.

Thats It for me, I talk way too much but when I have to say something, I get it off of my chest.


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